Gender Equal Fashion

Clothing has no gender.

WE, the sisters Regina and Jasmin VOLGGER, grew up in Vorarlberg, in the west of Austria, have been living in Vienna for many years. We would like to bring you closer to our timeless and detail-loving premium fashion.

Each of our garments is fair, handmade in Vienna or in one of our small European production facilities.
It is especially important to us that only natural materials are used and plastic and waste are avoided. Also, we source all materials from Europe or they are made in Europe.
We have the claim to design clothes for EVERYONE, which is why we have chosen the concept with ONE design, but TWO fits.


How everything begun:

We always wondered why there was a women's section and a men's section. Our designer Regina wanted to break down the boundaries between classic female or male designs and decided to create a design for all genders.



Our first fashion show with the CORE collection:

Our gender icons which you find on every garment:


Just to show how cool we and our models are: