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At a fair like Premium it is sometimes a little difficult to find a little diamond between all the beautiful and colorful brands, the big stands of the established labels and the ever reinventing designers.

I am sure that today I have found one of these brands, for which it is worth to stop once. To pause. To think once more about why you like fashion in the first place. Of course you can copy trends. You can live them like most people do. Jump on the bandwagon, ride along in the safe waters and get a piece of the cake...

Or you can dare to do something, go your own way. Of course, this is more difficult, you need so much. A feeling for colors, shapes, design, a sense of composition when it comes to the composition of fabrics, weighting of materials, the choice of accessories.

All this comes together when you enter the stand of the company Volgger Studio. I must confess that I almost passed by. A small, narrow but deep stand. I walk in and am seen, greeted. Not servile, but at eye level. It smells pleasant. I feel beautiful materials that excite me to discover . I see inspiring arrangements, plays of color, silhouettes. Almost shyly, I am invited to learn more.

Volgger, that's Regina and Jasmin Volgger from Vienna. Two sisters who know exactly what they want. It is decided early who will do what. Regina studies fashion and design. Jasmin theater, film and media studies. In 2016 they founded VOLGGER Studio together. VOLGGER Studio is an Austrian RAW denim brand. The homebase of the label is Vienna - where it designs, develops, produces and distributes high quality clothing under the aspects of "Genderequality, Sustainability, Transparency and Quality. The focus of the collection is on denim ,rounded off with products made of leather, linen, cotton and cashmere.

Regina Volgger has succeeded in creating an all-round collection. All articles are available for women as well as for men. However, it is not a unisex collection as you know it... The masculine men's shirt, is for the lady a well-fitting blouse. Perfect cuts and a very good production convince to the point. Every single part reveals a great passion. This runs through to the lookbooks, the product photos, the website and the entire marketing presence, for which Jasmin Volgger is responsible.

I would like to invite you to take a look at this great collection. More on

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