Gender Equal Fashion

Determine identity instead of letting it be determined


VOLGGER Studio's CORE Collection is also about finding identity. It's about breaking down fashion clichés, about genderissues, about communication. The two sisters Jasmin and Regina Volgger also attach great value to timeless designs from sustainable production. At the take, visitors are encouraged to look behind the facade of socially defined stereotypes. The two answered a few questions for us.

You address the issue of gender in your work by creating the CORE Collection for all genders, taking the concept of boyfriend jeans to a new level, so to speak. Should more men be reaching for their partner's/girlfriend's clothing as well?
The CORE Collection breaks with classic and conventional social gender roles and is meant and made for everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, age, background or appearance. Anyone can wear anything. With this, we want to move away from stereotypical collection designs, such as pink for women, blue for men. For both sexes there is one design but two fits.

Likewise, there are equal pieces in our collection, such as knitwear, that have only one cut. Our point is that a partner look would be possible, in general the collection invites you to swap garments and thus experiment with them individually.

Your CORE Collection is meant for the whole (fashion) year. What is the ulterior motive behind this decision?
We want to move our customers away from fast fashion and towards a new awareness of clothes as long-lasting and timeless pieces of treasures.

You grew up together. How did your parents' clothing style influence your fashion sense and did you swap clothes?
From an early age, we would go through our parents' closets and wear their clothes, whether it was cutting off a pair of dad's jeans or turning a shirt into a blouse. The older we got, the more we dug through each other's closets, too. Now it's like that, sometimes you have to watch out if something got lost in your own closet after your sister's visit.

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