In the centre of our actions is the idea to cease thinking about different genders as static stereotypes. Our creativity is based on our unalterable attitude of gender equality. That unisex mindset applies to every garment which is made by VOLGGER Studio. It emphazises the wish to ease ancient traditional tensions. VOLGGER Studio empowers people to rise awareness of social responsibility and sustainability. To fulfill our self-imposed aspirations we focus on high-quality design and long-lasting products.

CORE contemporary reflections
A year-round collection

An important element of VOLGGER Studios long-term mindset is to reinvent ourselfs all the time without chasing after the latest fashion trends. Being timeless and innovative by carefully selecting and integrating elements of the contemporary zeitgeist is one of our core ambitions. Inspired by different genders and intense involvement with open-minded people the CORE collection arose. We encourage humans to reflect their environment and evolve a deeper understanding of fashion and beyond.